Sunday, July 22, 2012

This one is for all of you parents out there.  If y ou fill the form out you will get a free sample of Jelly Kids.  Its a vitamin tht will make your kiddos think its candy.  What a great way to get them to eat a vitamin.

Victoria Secret is offering a coupon for free Beauty rush lip gloss with any in store purchase.

Here are a few websites were you get money for signing up.

One Kings Lane

Ill add more once i get more, but if you sign up you will get money for every person you refer!!!

I have an awesome site called 1saleaday and it has items of various kinds for super great deals.  They arent free, and you dont get money for signing up, but you can get some awesome things from there.  I have gotten curtains that were normally 79.99 for 12 dollars.  I got a cool massage thing normally 129.99 for 14 dollars. Thats just to name a few.  They have 5-6 different categories like electronics, jewelry, home/kitchen and a few others.  Everyday it is something new.
So my friend Ashley got me to join a site called copius.  They have all kinds of stuff for sale for decent prices.  When you sign up you get money to spend and help bring the prices down.  I ended up getting 5-6 nail polishes for a penny.  I am so excited.  You should definately sign up for this and start christmas shopping early!!!